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Online Player Carding

Welcome to the Alliance Family! The first step after being offered a position is to complete your carding application. This is the formal acceptance of your position. If you are new to club soccer, carding is what ensures players are competing at the appropriate age level and have completed the required eligibility/safety forms. Referees ensure each player has a valid card before the start of every league or tournament game. The carding system is integrated with our club's website and the entire process is online.

Note: It is essential to use the same username and password from past years (even if you were with another club!). Please only create a new account if you have never used the Stack Sports system at any club for carding!

  1. Start the process by clicking on Register Now at the top left of this page and entering your username and password. If you have never used Stack before, it will walk you through creating a new ID.
  2. The system will walk you through a series of fields and acknowledgements, some things to keep in mind as you are filling out the information:
  • If you used our system last year most information will pre-fill - be sure to update anything that has changed (like uniform sizes)!
  • If you have multiple children in the club, registering them together will save time - please only register children for whom you are the legal guardian.
  • Club fees are collected as part of the carding process, the system accepts credit cards or eCheck/ACH (you will need your bank routing number and account number). There are several payment plans available. Plans that say "Spring Only" are only for use by U15 and up - the system does not enforce this, but the club treasurer does 😊.
  • Please verify the down payment amount matches the correct minimum amount for your situation, sometimes the system "defaults" to an incorrect value. The correct amounts are $200 per player for full year teams (U09 - U15) and $100 per player for spring only teams (U16 and up).
  • If you were with another club last year, you will be prompted as if you are creating a new account. At the end of the process after you submit the registration, the system will automatically link the age verification from your previous club and you will not have to go through that process again this year. You must use the same email address, player name, player birthdate, and player gender for this auotmatic information transfer to work.
  1. Birth Certificate and photo uploads:
  • If you do not have a photo or birth certificate available right now, you can (and should) still complete the carding application to formally accept the position with Alliance. This ensures your child's spot is not given to another player. Pictures and birth certificates can be uploaded any time before July 1st, 2020 this deadline applies to Spring Only teams as well! To upload later, use the "Member Login" function at the top right corner of our site.
  • If you completed online carding and age verification last year, you do not need to upload the birth certificate again - age verification is already done!
  • If your child's birth certificate is from outside the U.S., let your team admin know so they can confirm with Ohio South that your documentation is sufficient. If you don't have access to your child's birth certificate, let your coach/team admin know and we will work with Ohio South to determine what documentation can be accepted.
  • Ohio South requires that player cards have a current photo each year - if last year's photo is still displayed, select the "choose" button and then "upload" to replace the old photo with a new one.
  • Your child's photo must resemble a driver's license photo, containing a clear and visible color headshot. Players must be wearing a shirt and faces should be free of sunglasses and hats. The photo should only include your child. Here's an example of what the photo should look like:

If you forgot your password, or need help with technical issues email For help with any other aspects of the carding process, email or contact your team admin.