Reynoldsburg Alliance SC

2019-2020 Player Fees


  • Individual teams may elect to participate in additional competitions (e.g. indoor rec leagues in the winter, additional tournaments). Additional fees are collected by the team administrator to cover those costs.
  • If we have enough players to form a U15+ team in the fall, we will - team fees will be adjusted to reflect two seasons of play. If we have a fall U15+ team, those players may compete with a different team in the spring when more high school players are available.
  • Volunteer Discount - During the year parents (and high school players) have an opportunity to volunteer at the Civic Park concession stand - typically 2-3 times in the fall and in the spring. In addition, families are expected to assist at the club hosted tournament. Players receive a $100 credit to their account for each season they fulfill volunteer expectations. If your club balance has been paid in full, credit will be applied towards next year's fees or refunded - parents' preference.
  • Payment - New this year, all payments are collected via our website. We accept checks (using e-Check/ACH) or credit card. Several payment plans are available, note that payment plans incur a $2 service fee per payment from our payment processor. If you choose a payment plan, balances can be paid in full at any time to avoid future processing fees. Available plans are:
  • Half & Half (Available to all players)
    • 50% of the balance at registration
    • Remaining balance auto payment on 2/1/2020
  • Monthly Payments (Available to all players)
    • $200 down payment at registration
    • 9 monthly payments from 8/1/2019 to 4/1/2020
  • Spring Season Full (Available for Spring Only players)
    • $100 down payment at registration
    • Remaining balance auto payment on 2/1/2020
  • Spring Season Monthly (Available for Spring Only players)
    • $100 down payment at registration
    • 4 monthly payments from 1/1/2020 to 4/1/2020
  • Uniforms - New uniform style for the 2019-2020 season!
    • Players purchase home and away uniforms through the club, each consists of a short sleeve jersey, shorts, and socks. Orders are made twice a year, during player registration in early summer and over the winter break. Players may use the same uniform from season to season provided it fits properly and appears well maintained.
    • Players should also purchase an all-black pair of soccer/athletic pants and an all-black long sleeve shirt to wear under their uniform during cold games.
    • Goalkeepers need to provide their own goal jersey and gloves; the jersey should be easily distinguished from both the home and away uniforms.
    • Optional warm-up suits and other spirit wear (sweatshirts, jackets, bags, etc.) are available with the Alliance logo from our vendor, see the resources page of our website or your team admin if you are interested.