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Coach & Staff Registration
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Coach & Player Registration

In response to recent federal laws, Ohio South has implemented improved background checks and additional training on abuse prevention (called SafeSport). This year, coaches and assistant coaches will have additional training required in order to be approved and carded. In addition, board members and team administrators are also required to complete a portion of the coach registration process (and complete the background checks/training). There may be other roles which have to complete the registration, if so a board member will reach out to let them know.

Alliance Soccer Club is happy to be following these new requirements - we support a safe and fun experience for all our players!

Some important notes from Ohio South regarding the SafeSport training:

  • It is federal law.
  • It takes approx. 2-3 hours the first time and is renewed annually via a shortened 'refresher' course (1 hr.).
  • There is only one standardized SafeSport training - if a coach or staff member has taken it via another sport or club, they can simply upload the PDF version of their certificate and be done for this year.
  • When going through SafeSport training, you should use the same first and last name, gender, date of birth, and email address that was used to register on the Alliance website. This will allow Alliance and SafeSport to automatically tie together and ease the training approval/confirmation.
  • To complete SafeSport training, first complete the coach registration. Your confirmation email will have a link to the training site and a new "Abuse Prevention" slot will appear on your member account page with a link as well.

Note: It is essential to use the same username and password from past years (even if you were with another club!). Please only create a new account if you have never used the Stack Sports system at any club for carding!

Also, note that only coaches and soccer trainers are required to take concussion training, others do not need to upload anything into the concussion slot or coaching credential portion of the registration.

If you have technical issues with the registration process, send an email to If you have questions about the coach/staff registration process please contact